About Us

At TemPersonnel we are looking to solve the “Staffing Puzzle” for both our clients and our candidates. It is the often complaint from either, that the service did not make the “right fit”. Through our many years of experience in the Industry of Staffing, we feel the staff at TemPersonnel can make a major difference for both. Through proper interviewing skills and techniques, we can get the most information out of potential candidates to find out what they really know. Conversely, we take the time with our clients to find out as much information about the staffing need as possible. We do that through discussing the opportunities with not just the Human Resource individuals, but speaking with Plant Managers and immediate supervisors that work with the individuals daily. Through that, we make it our priority to make the “right fit” for both parties. We are willing to take on challenges and go the extra mile! No question is too big or too small. We look forward to working with you to solve your “Staffing Puzzle”.

Larry Holstein – President

Jim Clere – District Manager

Susan Filippelli – Human Resources/Payroll Manager

Albert Langford – Senior Recruiting Manager

Gina Granata – Recruiting Manager

Jodi Mack – Recruiting Manager

Kristen Frimel – Recruiting Manager

Shannon Jones – Administrative Assistant